• Oversight for financial institutions

    Providing Vendor Management with compliance, due diligence, risk analysis and document tracking


Leveraging software to automate and streamline workflow management

This serves as a centralized repository. HQVM works with each lender to create a customizable solution to match the lender’s current business model and risk appetite.



Leverage vendor management technology to streamline your vendor management process in addition to using the technology to serve as a centralized repository for housing documents, analysis, and critical information about your vendors.


HQVM consults on the set up of your technology, configuration and ongoing troubleshooting.

Let our team of experts provide best practice recommendations in streamlining your workflow, or enhancing your VMO program.


Get in front of the curve with a proactive due diligence assessment

Utilize our reports to distribute to your clientele as a way to separate yourself from the competition and streamline your clients’ vendor management oversight of you.


Jim Svinth

EVP of Enterprise Risk Management / loanDepot

We needed a solution, searched the market, and found that MQMR provided a robust platform, truly understood counterparty risk, and was willing to accommodate our needs. We are overly satisfied with MQMR and look forward to further refinement of our vendor management program.

Wint Winter, Jr.

CEO & General Counsel / Peoples Bank

I just received your final Report or assessment of the Mortgage Compliance program at Peoples Bank and I write to commend you on the work you did. The report is very professional and well written. It “pulls no punches” and seems to provide a balanced and candid assessment of the current performance level of the program and, most importantly, provides a clear “roadmap” of ways and means for us to improve the program and adopt industry best practices. I was impressed with the time and attention you provided to this project and with the value and economy with which you did your work. You may provide this assessment to others if needed.

Ruth Stevenson

/ Peoples Bank

We appreciated working with you and felt the report was very beneficial to our Bank. The regulators appreciated us being so proactive and hiring a group to review our mortgage compliance program.Thanks so much. I am sure we will look to you again to help us remain compliant.

Shelly Howe

Vendor Manager / Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc.

We selected MQMR/HQVM to help us set up our vendor management platform and have been extremely satisfied with our decision to partner with them. HQVM's expertise, support, and customer service have been instrumental while we set up and implemented our program. Although we are not part of their fully outsourced program, they still went above and beyond when training our team and made an effort to ensure we are successful. With their help, we have been able to confidently make program enhancements to streamline our vendor management oversight.

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